Wilden Pump Repairs


Wilden Pump Maintenance

Our workshop enables pumps to be delivered or collected from site and a full inspection and report to be made to assess damage or faults that the pump may have encountered. Inspection, report and quotation will be done at a minimal free. Our experienced engineers will strip down, clean, build the pump back up to the manufacturers standards, run test and paint the unit.

Genuine Wilden Pump Spares

All the spares that we use are genuine Wilden products and will be suited to the pump type that is in for repair. All goods that are bought from the factory are high quality and will replace the existing items like for like.

Build new units for bespoke enquiries

As well as repairing the Wilden pumps we can also build Wilden pump units to bespoke enquiries. This can include building up the pumps on bases with interconnecting pipework.

Wilden Pump Installations

We can also offer on-site pump installations if this is required. Whether this is a new pump or a repair, our engineers can fit and install the pump back in situ.